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Furnace Installation

Make it easy, call the experts

If you are considering installing a new heating system and need the experts to help you with it, you are in the right place. Fresno AC & Heating Service knows how irritating and complicated choosing a new furnace can be. Make your life easy and let the professionals take care of all your needs.
What makes the Fresno AC & Heating Service team stand out from other HVAC repair services? We have mastered our processes during ten years of practice.
Our team consists of the most professional, factory-trained, and qualified technicians in the industry. They also participate in ongoing training to become more proficient in the industry and deliver exceptional service to our customers. Whether it’s furnace maintenance, installation, or repair service, we guarantee your satisfaction.

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How to understand when it’s time to replace your furnace

It can be challenging to determine when your heating system is out of use or how frequently you should change the furnace. There are some signs your heating system will give to let you know it’s time to call for the professionals. Use our checklist to find out if it’s time to replace your unit:

Your furnace is old

Older units consume more energy than the newer models. Moreover, they are also more prone to operational failure and costly expenses. Depending upon maintenance, most units last for 15-20 years. Check the model number to see if the furnace is reaching to its lifespan. If so, it’s smart to start arranging furnace replacement.

Your furnace requires frequent repairs and costly expenses

If your latest bills are almost half the price of a new unit or you are incessantly repairing your heating system, you should start considering upgrading your unit.

Yellow Flame

When your furnace is functioning as it's supposed to, the flame color is blue, clean, and stable. If you notice yellow flames, it can be a critical issue. Dirt in the burner is usually one of the most repeating causes of yellow flame, stopping the gas and air mixing process. A call to a professional is required to fix that issue.

Strange Furnace Noises

It’s okay for your unit to produce a sound at its starts and stops. However, noises such as screeching, grinding, or rattling indicate that there’s certainly something wrong with it. Because these issues may be costly to fix, a better option would be getting a new one.

Higher energy bills and decreased comfort

Increasing energy bills can indicate that your system is operating less efficiently.

Evaluating when to manage furnace installation can be energy-consuming and annoying. Our technicians at Fresno AC & Heating Service have more than ten years of experience, so you can trust them to make the right decision for you. Request a furnace installation by calling (559) 860-0890 today.

Furnace Installation Day: What to expect?

See our checklist of what you can expect during the visit:

Removing your old unit

Before we can start your new furnace installation, the old one should be removed. Usually, this is the most time-consuming and complicated part of the procedure. Trust us to remove your old furnace and get the space ready for the new unit installation.

Tidy Installation

When our professionals are at your place, they will wear shoe covers to cover the area from any dust that may come in.

Thorough furnace testing

After the job is completed, our specialist will check the intake and airflow of the heating system to ensure it is functioning properly and that there are no indicators of any safety problems.

Professional approach

Our technicians have some of the most prestigious technical qualifications in the industry. If you are looking for a new furnace installation, give us a call. We’ll pay a visit to your building for a thorough examination, analyzing your current ductwork and floorplan to determine the most effective system for your area.

Receive First-Class Furnace Installation and Heating Service in Fresno, CA, and its surrounding communities

Being in the business for more than ten years, Fresno AC & Heating Service offers only the most excellent and effective products and guarantees high-quality service. If you are facing any issue with your cooling, heating, or air-quality system, we will fix it or complete a replacement- as never before! Call us or schedule an online appointment now – it is our pleasure to assist you. Visit here for Commercial HVAC Repair