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AC Installation & AC Replacement

ac installation fresno
Though every unit is different, you can usually expect AC systems to last for 15-20 years with annual maintenance and proper care. Once the lifespan is about to end, the system’s main parts are likely to fail. You will even notice that the AC fails to protect you from the summer heat and humidity. Whether your AC stopped functioning correctly or you are considering installing a new unit in your house, you can rely on Fresno AC & Heating Service to take care of it. Our professionals are well-equipped to handle all your service needs.
A new AC unit is an essential investment in your home and comfort. You deserve a qualified, skilled specialist to have the job done right the first time you buy a brand-new AC system.

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Selecting the Right AC unit for Your Home

We always ensure to evaluate the correct unit size for your property to get the best efficiency. Inappropriate AC unit size can cause all types of troubles, like poor performance, frequent on and off cycling for no reason, and expensive repairs. The professionals at Fresno AC & Heating Service install each unit as we do it in our own home.

Checklist to consider when installing AC unit

Our team is happy to recommend you the most effective options based on their expertise and help you stay cool during the Fresno summer heat. The advice will be based on your needs and budget, so you have the freedom to make an informed choice.

The team of Fresno AC & Heating Service handles all types of major brands, including:

Signs your Air Conditioner needs replacement

Whether you feel like your Air Conditioning system is blowing hot air instead of cold or totally stopped operating, it may be hard to decide if it needs a repair or replacement. To understand this, some factors to consider include:

Lack of Cool air and poor performance

If you turn on your AC and it does not produce refreshingly cold air within a few minutes, it probably fails to function as instructed. So, there is a good chance you need an HVAC specialist for assistance.

Your AC lifetime is expiring

As consumer reports state, if your AC system is more than ten years old, you should be grateful that it has been running still and begin to shop around for a new one, as everything has its own lifespan. The older the AC unit gets, the more you will experience higher bills, lower comfort, and repair costs.

Your AC is facing frequent breakdowns

Have you faced the headache of scheduling frequent repair visits for your AC during the last few months, and every time the costs got higher and higher? If the answer is yes, then most likely, you need a unit replacement. At the end of the day, what’s the point of fixing an AC unit that is both aged and unreasonably costly

Your AC is leaking water

Leaks of any type from your unit need the inspection of a certified technician as it signals an interruption of the standard cooling cycle. Not only does it lead to water accumulation and leaks, but it can also emit strange smells and mold. Trust our factory-trained AC technicians to handle the situation like pros.

Your AC delivers poor humidity control

Humidity can be a decisive factor in your final choice to replace your current AC unit. It absorbs the moisture from the air during the cooling process. If the indoor air quality does not feel right, the excess humidity is mainly the cause. When the air conditioner operates but provides poor humidity level controls in our home, then a check-up should be done. Let our specialist recommend and install an upgraded AC unit to meet your needs.

If you still can’t make up your mind about whether to repair or replace the unit, then we are here to help. Our technicians will inspect the system and provide your best available options. Trust Fresno AC & Heating Service experts to meet your service needs in a professional and reliable manner.

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The Benefits of AC Installation Fresno, CA

Endless reasons prove how installing a brand-new air conditioner unit is beneficial for your comfort and budget. Two significant outcomes of obtaining a new AC are energy-efficient attributes and cost savings. These motors function at the lowest required rate for longer terms. In this case, they produce more cool air without wasting more energy. Another advantage of upgrading your AC unit is the Wi-Fi compatibility option. Through an app on your mobile device, you can control the AC’s temperature.

Why Choose Our AC Installation Service?

Our team has over a decade of experience, and we are proud to assist you in choosing the best suitable air conditioner for your comfort and budget.

Call now or schedule an online appointment for your ac installation in Fresno, CA, and nearby cities. Our pleasure is to ensure that your new AC unit is sized to cool your property efficiently and effectively.

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