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AC Maintenance Fresno

The Benefits of having your air conditioning maintenance regularly


Just before the hot season begins, you should put first things first. AC Maintenance is crucial for your unit to operate effectively and efficiently during this time of the year. Neglecting necessary steps leads to a constant decline in AC performance while you see a greater energy consumption. This is why you wonder how the energy bills increased compared to last month or last year.

One way to ensure the proper performance of your AC system is to have Fresno AC & Heating Service specialists regularly maintain your HVAC system. Preventive maintenance is a crucial measure to guarantee the efficiency of your air conditioning system. With Fresno AC & Heating Service, you can get either one or two visits annually based on your preference, considering your lifestyle and budget.
Our team is factory-trained and licensed in all major brands. We are also available 24/7 to manage any situation, from residential to commercial services in Fresno, CA, and its surrounding area. Our specialists are skilled in identifying any potential trouble with your AC system.
Fresno AC & Heating Service licensed professional will inspect your AC and make sure things are running in order.

Just call (559) 860-0890 or schedule an online appointment to save time and replacement costs.

Regular AC Maintenance procedure

air-conditioning maintenance
During the AC maintenance visit, our factory-trained and certified technicians will provide a thorough inspection and identify if there are any potential breakdown signs. For this purpose, they will measure and test the voltage, check the belt, vent, and duct conditions, inspect the refrigerant levels and examine the efficiency of drainage lines.

Professional AC Maintenance Checklist

Replace the filter

Changing the air filter every 90 days or three months is suggested.

Inspect and Clean the coils

This step is essential to avoid higher electric bills due to less efficiency and wasted energy.

Adjust your thermostat

Examine your thermostat for proper functioning

Check your ductwork

If not taken care of, ducts will fail to operate correctly due to pressure and will cause wear or tear on the system

Test Electrical Connections

Loose wirings and controls can result in unit failure

Make sure the Condensate Drain is Clean

A clogged drain line can cause indoor water damage

Check Blower Motor

Blower Motor maintenance boosts the lifespan of the unit and reduces functioning costs and troubleshooting expenses

Lubricating motors and bearings

Poor lubrication practices cause the majority of failure cases. Choosing incorrect lubricant or incompatible greases are among the major mistakes people make.

Here are some reasons that you should schedule your AC Maintenance Service appointment now:

Saving Money

HVAC troubles always happen when you least expect them. Discovering minor issues early on ends up costing you a lot less. Annual AC Maintenance prevents unexpected breakdowns and secures unforeseen expenses.

Improving Your Home Comfort

Once the hot weather starts, insects and parasites become more active, bringing discomfort and diseases to our houses. While a warm climate is what attracts them, keeping your house cool will prevent the parasites and insects from stopping by. Moreover, who would disagree that there is a better place than a cool house on a hot summer day?

Improving the Air quality

HVAC system in your house does not only make a difference in terms of home comfort; it also changes indoor air quality. Regular AC Maintenance ensures clean air filters, which, in turn, results in an air-pollutant and mold-free environment. Though it doesn't entirely free the air from pollutants, it reduces pollution significantly. Make your home a safe place to breathe.

Boosting unit lifespan AC

Maintenance costs money, but buying a new unit will cost even more. Being a homeowner, you should do your best to get the most out of our air conditioner. Depending on how you take care of it, most air conditioners last between 10 and 12 years. Not having proper AC Maintenance fresno puts the system at the risk of being damaged.

Our main goal is to deliver high-quality service and reliable results to our customers when they trust Fresno AC & Heating Service to take care of their AC maintenance needs. Contact us today to know more about our AC Maintenance Fresno, CA program and be secure from unexpected breakdowns that bring inconvenience to your comfort! Visit here for AC Installation & AC Replacement

Your satisfaction is our main priority