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AC Tune Up Fresno, CA

ac tuneup fresno
Are you searching for ways to expand the lifespan of your AC and avoid extra expenses on increased energy bills? If the answer is yes, you should consider adding annual AC Tune-ups to your “home to do” list. The yearly checkups will benefit you with time.
Arrange your annual AC system tune-up during the spring. Ensuring it is functioning at its best before the hot season starts will help you catch any problems before they end up causing discomfort or a headache for you. By doing the early checkups, you will have peace of mind and make sure to save money on energy costs.
At Fresno AC & Heating Service, we work on all kinds of AC system brands, including Carrier, Amana, and Lennox. Having served Fresno, CA, and its surrounding areas for more than ten years, members of the community trust us for reliable service and reasonable prices.

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What’s Included in AC Tune-Up Checklist?

When the HVAC specialists are conducting AC tune-up, they will complete several steps, including the following:

Why Choose Us?

Our AC tune-up service is considered one of the most thorough in Fresno, CA and surrounding communities. You can trust your AC maintenance to our factory-trained and licensed technicians. We’ve been honored to be trusted during ten years of working in the sphere. Our team of experts is qualified to work on all types of makes and models, including:

Why is Spring the right season for AC Tune-Up?

Whether you feel like your Air Conditioning system is blowing hot air instead of cold or totally stopped operating, it may be hard to decide if it needs a repair or replacement. To understand this, some factors to consider include:

Manufacturer's Recommendations

Summer is almost here, which tells us that the AC system will soon be humming 24/7 to keep you cool. HVAC specialists and manufacturers advise servicing your equipment during the Spring before the heating season. A certified specialist gets your unit ready to support the cooling activity and energy efficiency.

Preventive Maintenance (PM)

A PM service allows the HVAC professional to implement a complete evaluation of the unit. It is an excellent chance to reveal minor problems likely to cause breakdowns during the hot season when the AC is under maximum pressure. Taking care of minor issues costs less than waiting until it becomes a headache. In addition, a well-maintained AC unit operated more quietly, not disturbing people's comfort inside the area.

Lower functioning costs

If a thorough AC tune-up is neglected and is overworking during that season, energy efficiency is the first to suffer. Thus, you can expect higher utility bills. Having a professional AC tune-up ensures you receive all the efficiency your air conditioner is designed to deliver.

Annual Maintenance Ensures Warranty Coverage

Generally, most of the manufacturers of central AC ask for proof that your unit has been serviced annually. Failure to provide a record of annual maintenance by a professional HVAC company may result in warranty coverage denial by the manufacturer.

Peace of Mind

When you remove AC tune-up from your list, you can feel at ease about enjoying your summer without having to worry about any upcoming breakdowns. Majority of cases, you will receive two annual maintenance services each year. We will contact you at the beginning of Spring to schedule an appointment at a suitable time.

What steps you can take in-between visits

Besides annual AC tune-up, there are various steps you can take to help your AC reduce the wear and tear.


For more professional advice and tune-up service at a reasonable price with one of Fresno AC & Heating Service certified specialists, please feel free to call us at (559) 860-0890 or schedule your online tune-up appointment today. Visit here for furnace installation.