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Ductless Air Conditioning

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Ductless units, or mini-splits, became popular in the last decades.
They are cost-effective and efficient alternatives for your Fresno, CA home, where the common HVAC systems aren’t practical. A ductless system includes indoor units linked to an outdoor compressor.
Thinking of ductless air conditioner installation, replacement, repair, or maintenance In Fresno and its surrounding areas? The certified professionals at Fresno AC & Heating Service are ready to satisfy your needs! Our skilled team provides same-day service and reasonable prices to meet your budget.

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Keep your ductless air conditioner running in excellent condition throughout the entire season by having a maintenance visit by reliable technicians before the warmer weather arrives. Check out what essential steps ductless air conditioning involves.

What to expect: Professional Maintenance Visit

A visit from an HVAC specialist is much more than just cleaning the device: it is about making sure your AC unit is running in its most effective condition and stopping any upcoming breakdowns, mainly before the extremely hot weather starts. Below are some you can expect during the visit:

Advantages of Ductless AC Maintenance

A ductless air conditioning system is a major investment for your comfort. Though the installation process requires a shorter time of period rather than the traditional HVAC systems, ductless ACs demand a bigger monetary investment for the system itself. Make your purchase worthy by being sure the unit is taken care of properly. Proper maintenance will result in the following:

Ductless Air Conditioner Installation and Replacement

A ductless AC unit may be the best option over traditional central air to cool your home. One of the main benefits of this system is the ease of installation. A home lacking already present ductwork demands new installation, which is a costly and complex endeavor. There are plenty of other reasons Fresno AC & Heating Service loves ductless air conditioning:

Individual control and integrated zoning

A single outdoor unit has the capacity to support various indoor air handlers which have their own thermostats. So, you can control the functioning of each unit with a smartphone app or remote control, reducing costs and energy waste levels.


High bills come from inefficient functioning as a consequence of energy loss due to leaks, gaps, and leaks in duct connections systems. The duct system loses around 20-30 percent of energy. A ductless air conditioning system prevents air flow loss through the ducts.

Easy to install

Ductless AC installation is mainly free of irritating inconveniences and can be finished in just a few days. The final result is less spending and more time-saving. Also, these units keep the view free, leaving more space for ventilation.

More enjoyable temperature

Ductless ACs function with heat pumps and have the capacity to heat the room and cool it down. What’s more, they allocate the air evenly, creating a more pleasant temperature throughout the home.

The ductless Air Conditioning installation from Fresno AC & Heating Service will leave you feeling more than satisfied with our job!

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Ductless Air Conditioning Repair

When your ductless AC unit fails to complete its job, you know it’s time for a licensed repair specialist to fix it. Some crucial reasons the unit might require ductless AC repair in Fresno, CA, include:

Best Situations for Ductless AC System Installation:

Depending on your home’s structure, installing ductless Air Conditioning systems can be reasonable in various situations. Although, there are special cases where going ductless is just perfect:

At Fresno AC & Heating Service, our culture is based around our customers. We look forward to meeting your needs and providing professional service based on your comfort and budget. Our technicians are factory-trained and certified in Ductless Air Conditioning Installation, repair, and maintenance. With over ten years of heating and cooling experience. We happily serve customers in Fresno, CA, and its surrounding area. Visit here for AC Maintenance

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