Does my AC Duct need cleaning? Tips that will help you with AC duct cleaning.

ac duct cleaning

Having clean air and a proper amount of airflow in your home, office, or any other area or room is essential not only for your comfort but also for your health. Air ducts are crucial in maintaining the right amount of airflow in your apartment; thus, cleaning and taking care of your air duct maintenance on a regular basis is the only way to have clean air. But how can we know if our air duct needs cleaning? In this guide, we will discuss the top signs that indicate that your duct needs proper cleaning and will give you some tips and tricks on that issue.

Clogged Vents and Ducts

When you notice debris and dust in your duct as it starts running, you can be sure that this will cause further problems unless you clean your air duct on time. If you switch on the air conditioner and notice dust getting out of it, you should call a professional to clean it because when your duct is dirty, it becomes harder for your AC to blow warm or cold air. However, to avoid unexpected costs, it’s essential to regularly clean your duct and not wait until it becomes clogged and dusty.

Clogged Air Filters

The clogged air filter’s case is not different from clogged vents and ducts. When your air filters become blocked, the process of blowing cool or heated air into your home becomes more complicated and inefficient. Furthermore, if your air filter has a lot of dust or debris on it, it’s necessary to clean your air ducts.

Noises in duct 

When you start hearing strange and rattling sounds coming out of your AC, then you have to worry a little bit because it means that you must have delayed the cleaning of your air duct for a reasonable amount of time. However, like in all other cases, Fresno AC & Heating Service will be there for you. Seeking professionals’ help, in this case, is also exceedingly important not only for cleaning your air conditioner but also for making sure that the build-up struck in it has not caused any severe problems to your appliance.

Unpleasant smell

When you feel a strange odour in your home, usually like the smell of dampness or any other odd smell, it’s time to look at all possible causes at your house. If you do not find any reasonable source that might have been the reason for such an unpleasant smell, you should check your duct. To confirm these assumptions, get up near to all the air registers and give them a good whiff. It would be best if you also had a professional go through the air ducts for anything that is causing the odour.

A home gets dusty easily and quickly.

Cleaning is something that the majority of us rarely enjoy. This is much more challenging if you find dust and debris all the time in your apartment, even after deep cleaning. If your home constantly gets dusty, it’s possible that the ventilation of your AC is restricted. This could also occur if your vents have a lot of build-ups. If both cases, your air ducts should be cleaned.

High Electric bills

When you start paying higher costs for your electricity, it may not always be evident initially, but its cause can be dirty air ducts. When your air conditioner’s vent is full of dust and debris, it takes way more time to warm or cool your home. If your AC works for a longer time and spends more energy, you pay higher electricity bills. So the moral is that, as soon as you notice an unreasonable increase in your electricity expenditures, have a technician look at your AC duct and tell if it needs cleaning or any other maintenance.

Infested rodents or Insect

Mice, squirrels, and insects can get into your air ducts occasionally. Innately, these critters leave a trail of bacteria behind. When rodents get into your ductwork, they make a home and leave droppings, spreading small fecal particles throughout the system. These germs can then find their way into your house, contaminating the air you breathe. Remember that a rodent infestation may necessitate more than just air duct cleaning! If you overlook the problem, it might lead to major extensive damage as well as an inefficient HVAC system, which will result in increased energy expenses that we already mentioned above.

Can I clean my AC duct alone?

Generally, it is possible to clean your air ducts by yourself. However, professionals usually advise getting their help because it is a tedious cleaning procedure that requires advanced equipment and tools. What is more interesting is that you may worsen the situation by trying to clean on your own. If you decide to hire a technician that will help you with cleaning, Fresno AC & Heating Service is always there to assist you.

How often shall I have cleaned my ductwork?

We covered all the critical points relating to AC duct cleaning but the frequency part. Most professionals recommend cleaning your air conditioner’s duct every three to five years. However, in individual cases, you might need more frequent cleaning. For example, if your house has just gone significant repair, you definitely need to clean your duct after it, no matter if three years have passed. Another individual case is when you or your family members are allergic to dust and even a minor breakdown with your AC causes you health problems. In such cases, we usually recommend cleaning your ductwork every one or two years. In all cases, Fresno AC & Heating Service will always provide you with professional service and helpful advice for further usage.